Nov 16

Dr: Sergio Martinez

El doctor Sergio Martinez especialista en medicina interna y pulmonar esta en nuestras oficinas de SUNRISE MEDICAL PC para atenderlo y ayudarlo a mejorar sus problemas de salud..

Sergio A. Martinez, MD

Dr. Sergio A. Martinez, graduated from Universidad Catolica Madre Maestra in Santo Domingo, RD. Dr. Martinez got his medical training at Maimonides Hospital Medical Center in New York, The New York Medical Center of Queens, St. Barnabas Hospital. At present Dr. Martinez is part of Performance Improvement Committee and Associated Program Director at Forest Hills Hospital / North Short Long Island Jewish Health System; Dr. Martinez was a professor of medicine at SUNY/ Health Science Center and Fellowship Clinical Pulmonary Instructor at Long Island College Hospital.

Dr. Martinez, has a log experience working in the areas of Internal , Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, he has been working with differents cultures and back ground populations; Dr. Martinez is a very knowledge and skill physician in our community, he is a Dr. with heart able to provide the best medical care for his patients.

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